How to Treat Computer Game Addiction


The era of modernization and information technology has brought with it various changes which have made the world a global village. One of the effects of this globalization and advancement in the field of information technology has brought with the problem of the computer game addiction. Computer gaming has taken the shape of a billion-dollar business. The increase in the level of profitability ultimately attracts a lot of businesses to develop this specific segment further. Computer gaming is usually a way of bringing joy to a stressful life as this particular activity could be enjoyed with the family and friends.


According to the researchers, there has been a control maintained by a lot of gamers, however, despite this around 5% to 10% of the gamers are suffering from the gaming addiction. It means that there would be a thousand of people going through this problem. The following steps could be taken to provide a solution to this specific problem:


Individual Therapy

An individual who is a victim of computer gaming addiction could be provided with the individual therapy where a psychologist can assist in solving the problem. This particular treatment would be based on the psychological principals. This particular treatment is likely to be expensive and the psychologists who specialize in this particular area are also very difficult to find.


Family Therapy


If the individual suffering from the computer game addiction is underage then family therapy would be required. The entire family is required to cooperate and work towards the common goals in order to get treatment for this particular problem. However, there is also a possibility that some of the members of the family might not get involved in the treatment of the individual and it would also be difficult to locate an expert for the treatment.


Wilderness Therapy


In some cases, the addicted patient might be offered the wilderness therapy. Under this particular program, the individual who is suffering from the computer game addiction is given an outdoor treatment which prevents that person from using any computer game at all. That individual is also given a very limited access to the other forms of technology. This type of treatment and program is focused on enhancing and improving the overall survival skills of that particular individual.


Self-Help Books


There is also another which could be regarded as the most cost-effective and easily approachable and it is the use of the self-help books. An individual who is going through this particular addiction with the computer games can get an insight and a broader perspective on the overall issue. He or she will be able to get an idea of this problem and the effect of this addiction in their every-day. A lot of the times the addiction is not even considered a problem unless it starts creating difficulty in daily activities. You can explore the science of essential oils. It might have a big impact on your addiction. 




Based on the arguments provided above it could be said that technological advancement has brought many changes in the life of a modern individual so there is a need to keep a check that whether one is falling a victim to the computer game addiction and if so, effective measures should be taken at once.